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Alton Barnes 1024

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A 1024 foot formation near Alton Barnes in 1999 provides us with clues about the structure.


At the 'beginning' of the formation, we find a Sphere Set.


This formation shows many aspects of the complex strcture extending from parts of the Watersphere to both Sphere 3 and Sphere Z.

What goes for one Sphere Set goes for all three, meaning that below, the three spheres in the crop circle represent all 3 sets of 3 spheres in the Large Tetrahedron Structure. The arrows indicate the relationships between Sphere 1, Sphere 2, Sphere 3, and Sphere Z.


Because a Sphere Set in a crop circle represents all three sets of spheres in the Large Tetrahedron Structure, it makes sense that there are also three of all the other objects involved in certain areas.

For example, we can divide the formation into something like this, and see obvious similarities in the objects involved:


These are all representing different aspects of what are essentially the same complex components.

We can apply this to our three-fold Large Tetrahedron Structure.



Image:ccs206.gif This symbol will be pasted on parts of the crop circle formation which represent an aspect at the center of the tetrahedron.
Image:ccs207.gif This symbol will be pasted on parts of the crop circle formation which represent an aspect between the center and the bottom corners of the tetrahedron.
Image:ccs208.gif This symbol will be pasted on parts of the crop circle formation which represent an aspect at the bottom corners of the tetrahedron.

The large formation can be more accurately divided up with these symbols.


An important point is that while the sections defined as A, B and C above feature an element of both the center, mid way, and corner of the Large Tetrahedron Structure, the sections E and F do NOT appear to contain an aspect of the corner. Notice that two parts in each of section E and F are defined as being in the center of the Large Tetrahedron Structure. Section D provides a clear divider between A,B,C and E,F.

You can see how in sections B and C there are hemispheres are represented for either Sphere Z or its counterpart hemisphere the U Dome. Not only are none of these signs visible in sections E or F, but the symbolism used in E and F links us directly to the Watersphere in all accounts.

The objects in the orange circles below are all different to each other, they are not the same in any way. They shouldn't be directly compared, nor should attempts be made to try to make them out to be different aspects of the same idea - they are all different components on their own.


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