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Electrical Structures

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The Electrical Structures, or what has been referenced to as 'gravitational field electric structures' by perhaps an anonymous insider, makes up a 6 fold geometry inside the bottom area of the Large Tetrahedron Structure.



[edit] Examples

Examples of the Electrical Structures in the crop circles are common. They are identifiable as 6-fold designs which often include both an inner and outer part to the structures.




[edit] Associated symbolism

Many of these structures present us with a direct connection with what appears to be some kind of 'wiring'

Example #1 Notice the six fold structures, with the wiring symbolized in the center circle.


Example #2 We have a similar design here. The center circle also appears to be about the same size as the 12 circles around the perimeter, suggesting the object in the center is relevant to them all.


Example #3 A fine example of this connection in the Electrical Structures came in 2002, when the following two formations were found at the same place, on the same day.


There are also multiple examples showing that both the Watersphere (Layer 1, depicted here as the large circle with a square object inside) and the Electrical Structures have some sort of interaction. In most cases this interaction with the Watersphere is shown as being with the inner part of the Electrical Structures, not the outer part.

Example #4 The Watersphere and the Electrical Structures. In these examples the formations are showing Layer 1 of the Watersphere, and therefore is shown as the square in the circle design.


Example #5 The Watersphere and the Electrical Structures.


Example #6 Another good example of the Watersphere and the Electrical Structures is from the recent 2005 season. First, we have the following design.


Then later, when the base of the pyramid (Octahedron) has appeared, as detailed here, we can see the inner part of the Electrical Structures are underneath in the center.


[edit] Fitting in

The position of the the Electrical Structures best fits into the bottom of the Large Tetrahedron Structure.


Clearly, the geometry of the six-fold Electrical Structures, like the tetrahedron shape of the Large Tetrahedron Structure, is extremely important to the workings of the crop circle ship.

I expect that the electrical structures are somehow linked to gravity. In the complete craft, perhaps these structures go beneath the floor where an occupant would walk, although that is just speculation. Hopefully we can build this and learn what effect it has on the energy created by the large tetrahedron structure itself. This could prove to have extremely interesting results.

[edit] Interactions

Another aspect of the Electrical Structures are their interactions with other components of the crop circles ship.

Many examples exist that show an interaction between the Electrical Structures and usually an aspect of the Watersphere.




The three below provide some very interesting clues.


[edit] 12 fold formations

An aspect of the Electrical Structures also appears 12 fold related, as opposed to just 6 fold, examples below.



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