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A theoretical time machine is composed by Dr. Fred Bell in his book, Rays of Truth, Crystals of Light. The machine, the T-700 Time Trasnposer features an octahedral structure with rotating rings, similar in concept to the idea of the Magnetic Rings and the Octahedron in the Watersphere of the crop circle ship. The similarity between the two may be technologically significant.


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Additional information can be found here, while more extensive technical detail is in the book or available from SONA.

 Reference to time from the Watchers, about the crop circle technology.
 Some scientists are very close to the answer - an energy machine.
 This energy is only partially linked to magnetism.
 It is linked to the illusion of time.
 Rather like through-transference, man will be able to change the
 molecular structure of things, including himself.
 - The Watchers

Dr. Fred Bell has mentioned that he is a Pleiadian contactee and that much of the information for the T-700 machine as well as his other ideas were inspired from their teachings.

Contact me for the complete data on the T-700 machine.

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Dr. Fred Bell's website is at http://www.pyradyne.com

Inexpensive T-700 plans can be found at SONA

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