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Gog Magog Hills

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[edit] Overview

As a result of the square (representing the Octahedron) on the right side of this formation below, this is expected to convey information on a process which occurs inside or directy around the Octahedron.


Here, a design of Microwaves is shown in a specific pattern. Might this contain some sort of useful technical information?


[edit] An important connection?

This Microwave-related design closely matches part of the inner octahedron area of the T-700 Time Transposer, which may or may not be a coincidence - although interestingly in the T-700 design Microwaves are also involved. In both cases we are also dealing with the inner part of an octahedral shape.

For images and more information on this connection, you will need to contact me. It becomes too technical for me and I can't say for sure how helpful it could be - it should be considered though.


[edit] Changes in the formation

The Crop Circle Archive Website shows us that this formation was created over two seperate nights.

Below you can see how the square (Octahedron) and other grapeshot were added several days after the initial design appeared.


[edit] See also


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