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Gravity Shielding Experiment

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 This experiment is a partial replication of the Large Tetrahedron Structure
 from the crop circle ship design. The experiment was also described in the first
 video on the crop circle ship - Blueprints in the Crop Circles.

Experiment performed by Chris Hardeman based on the Barbury Castle Tetrahedron in 2001

A triangular coupled three spherical cavity resonator powered by a 2.45 GHz microwave oven magnetron has been constructed and initial tests conducted to see how standing wave resonance forced into a circular fashion about an object interacts with gravity.

Test results strongly indicates gravity shielding effect are occurring. No less then ten consecutive runs showed weight loss as measured in the rise of the corner of the devise. Balance beam compensation was used to adjust an initial weight of the corner.

The corner rose in the run mode when power was applied to the magnetron. Static charge was guarded against using a grounding strap to earth on the far end. The magnetron was cooled continually with a downward air stream thus ensuring no convection air currents would interfere during testing. Run times were keep short in duration (<20 seconds ) to minimize magnetron heating and consequence thermal influence in weight reductions. Temperature in the test area was heated to 80*F reducing temperature gradients between the room air and the test apparatus.

I can say very confidently that as soon as the power was applied and the magnetron kicked in (about 3 seconds) the weight reduction effect was visible as the counter balanced corner of the apparatus rose immediately upward. As soon as power was disconnected the effect disappeared. The cooling fan was left running continually while the magnetron was powered on and off. Maximum rise height was only ¼ to ¾ inch yet yielded proof that weight reduction was occurring and should be studied further. A picture of the apparatus and balance system is included for reference.

More information and images at JLN Labs

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