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In March of 2005, an anonymous individual under the name help from above posted some comments on the crop circle technology website of Tom Sutter. Although most of these comments were deleted, they have been saved and are posted on this page. Where understood, these comments fit the model of the crop circle ship. Note that the crop circle ship is not in agreement with Tom Sutter's actual website content, except for the presence of a Magnetron, Microwaves, and Hydrogen.

 At the very least, they are interesting!



[edit] mercury conductor a medium or catalyst

Clue: "mercury conductor a medium or catalyst"


[edit] cooling keeps the wave true space is cold

Clue: "cooling keeps the wave true space is cold"


[edit] gravitational field electric structures

Clue: "gravitational field electric structures"

Related: Electrical Structures


[edit] no moving parts

Clue: "no moving parts"

This comment is accurate as it represents primarily Microwaves moving through the 9 spheres of Large Tetrahedron Structure.


[edit] personal gravity field generator

Clue: "personal gravity field generator"

Related: Field Generator


[edit] light speed yes at what rate of acceleration can the human body handle

Clue: "light speed yes at what rate of acceleration can the human body handle"


[edit] that's almost interesting one more field to go

Clue: "that's almost interesting one more field to go"

A reference to this page regarding the structure of the Magnetron and Hydrogen Container.


[edit] electricity X infinity

Clue: "electricity X infinity"

Related: This is the pyramid or Octahedron in the Watersphere.


[edit] battery charger

Clue: "battery charger"

Related: This is an inner part of the Watersphere.


[edit] how heavy is a neutrino

Clue: "how heavy is a neutrino"

Related: Electrical Structures

Neutrinos have been shown to have a mass greater than 0 in recent years. No idea how this may relate to an interaction with the Electrical Structures.


[edit] gas pedal

Clue: "gas pedal"

Related: Magnetic Rings or possibly external extensions of the Watersphere. See the contents of Watersphere related pages on the Main Page.


[edit] controlled acceleration

Clue: "controlled acceleration"

Related: Magnetic Rings


[edit] patent an ancient east indian archaeological finding i think not

Clue: "patent an ancient east indian archaeological finding i think not"

This is a second comment applied to the same formation as the one above.


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