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Hydrogen Rings

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The Large Tetrahedron Structure is made of up 9 main spheres, with three additional spheres, Sphere Z, at the bottom of each corner.

Connected to the Outer Core of each size set of spheres is a corresponding Hydrogen Ring. These rings appear to be thin donut shaped rings which circle around the outside of each level of spheres on the Large Tetrahedron Structure. There are a total of four rings.

The top three Hydrogen Rings, HR1, HR2, and HR3 are
connected to the corresponding level of spheres. (S1, S2, and S3).
However, the forth and lowest ring HR4, has a more confusing
configuration in its connection to Sphere Z.

The Hydrogen Rings should not be confused with the Magnetic Rings which are smaller, and part of the Watersphere.

A simple example of the connection between the Large Tetrahedron Structure and the Hydrogen Rings is shown below.


These rings act as a 'reservoir' for Hydrogen, and perhaps a little Water which would sink by gravity to the lowest ring (HR4), and there is likely a technical reason that one Hydrogen Ring is associated with each level of spheres.

These four rings all make up different parts of the same container, because of their connection to the Outer Core of the spheres. For example, we can see in representation of the Large Tetrahedron Structure above, the outer core of each sphere is essentially connected to the outer cores of all the other spheres by the way of the pipes, and because all of the Hydrogen Rings are are connected to this same Outer Core of the spheres as well, they are also all connected to each other. Water in HR1 will quickly sink to HR4, while Hydrogen will rise.

In the crop circle below, we can see the four rings and how the corresponding S1, S2, and S3 connect into them.


Next, we can clearly see the difference in depiction between the fourth ring (HR4) and the other three.


Below, the rings are also shown. What is also made clear again, is the connection between the outer cores of the spheres and these rings. The outer cores of the spheres (S1, S2, S3 and SZ) are highlighted with white arrows at the bottom of the image. We can see at the bottom of the craft there are trailing circles coming out from underneath, 3 groups of them showing the lift propulsion comes from three places at the bottom of the craft - which of course is at the end of our Large Tetrahedron Structure.


In 2006 on the banks of a river in Scotland, bypassers may have noticed this strange imprint on the field. The placement of this formation next to a river is no accident, because that's exactly what the formation is about, Water. Naturally, Water always finds its lowest point, and therefore water will quickly sink to the lowest Hydrogen Ring, HR4. Here we see Sphere Z, and its connection to the water at its lowest point.


The water, as marked in the image (blue line), can therefore
be compared to the river in which it is placed next to. 

We can also see dots in the center of S1, S2, and S3, hinting that it is the Outer Core being referenced in this particular instance.

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