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About 10 similar insectogram formations appeared throughout the 1991 season. The name insectogram comes from the insect like appearance of the designs.



[edit] Example


[edit] Variations

Other versions of the same objects have minor variations which provide us with more information.



[edit] Structure

The insectogram formations show elements of the bottom corners of the Large Tetrahedron Structure, including the Watersphere, Sphere Z, and the U Dome.


Remember this formation represents all three corners of the bottom of the Large Tetrahedron Structure as they connect to the Watersphere.

Feel how this crop circle has been drawn - see how the U Dome is shown extending from Sphere Z.


Next, Sphere 3, the largest sphere on the Large Tetrahedron Structure.


It fits existing data. Notice the symbol for Sphere 3 is identical above and below.


Although the technical reason for the depiction of Sphere 3 is unknown, its symbolic uniqueness provides a clear advantage.

Both Sphere 3 and Sphere Z are connected to the Watersphere in different ways. See Watersphere Connections. Therefore next in the chain (depending on what path we take) after Sphere 3 must be the Watersphere (at the center of the Large Tetrahedron Structure) or Sphere 2 (next sphere up in the Large Tetrahedron Structure.

In the insectogram designs it is clear we are looking at the Watersphere (part of it).


[edit] Hydrogen

The objects circled in orange below are modified Hydrogen, or Hydrogen CC (Hcc)


Photos of the insectograms show that in each formation where Hcc appears, they are drawn in such a way that their ends meet the tram lines of the field.

For example, in the insectogram formation we have been examining:


In another example, they are like this:


An example of them with a design of the Electrical Structures, shows the same thing:


All of these are from 1991, and there are a few others, you get the idea.

This modified Hydrogen is shown as being important to an interaction with the Electrical Structures as well as being important to the U Dome. It may also be relevant to power generation from the Watersphere.

More clues can be found in the Crop Circle Archive Website formations of 1991.



We can compare insectogram variations. (The differing symbolism here for Sphere Z is interesting.)


The Watersphere: (same year)


The obvious:


Below, the object in the orange square was added after the original insectogram was already made. This is just another confirmation of the connection to the Watersphere. It is drawn on the tram lines which connect to the object identified as the Watersphere. It is also a symbol recognizable as outer layers of the Watersphere.


Above, the Watersphere in the orange square shows the Hydrogen attached.


These semi cirles, (the things in the green box in the formation above) are referred to as Hcc (that is - hydrogen cc'd). The Hcc are directly related to Hydrogen, most like modified or different from normal Hydrogen as a result of some no doubt comforting time it enjoyed inside the Octahedron.

Interaction of the Hcc with the Electrical Structures is shown below.


A comparison interaction confirming the Hydrogen aspect of the Hcc.


Hydrogen and the Electrical Structures. Hcc and the H dots are the same or a very similar thing in this respect.

Finally, the formation below was found in 1991 (two days before the Barbury Castle Tetrahedron). It provides a clear symbol of the Watersphere, with a Hcc symbol, except in this Hcc one of its parts appears to be a closed loop.


Imagine also that the two parts of the Hcc have detached from 'string 1' which doesn't have any circles attached to it, unlike 'string 2'. This is an indication that these Hcc are in fact the Hydrogen which has seperated off from the Watersphere.

A possible reason for the closed loop could be that this is simply showing us the tram lines are being used to make it appear as though all the Hcc are actually closed loops. It may just be a way of their linking us this new information.

Keep in mind the large amount of formations showing as well, the direct relation between the square (Octahedron in the Watersphere) and the Electrical Structures.

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