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Large Tetrahedron Structure

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The Large Tetrahedron Structure on this page has been replicated in part by Chris Hardeman, resulting in partial levitation. See the Gravity Shielding Experiment for more information about this experiment.

The Large Tetrahedron Structure (LTS) is the primary large encompassing geometrical design of the crop circle ship. It is expected that the shape is an important aspect of the design.

This structure is the outline of a Tetrahedron shape made up of hollow pipes and hollow spheres.

The power of this structure is activated when we send microwaves through its interior. A Magnetron or Klystron sits at the top of the structure and sends Microwaves down.

Below shows the basic structure. There are a total of 9 primary spheres (not including Sphere Z or the U Dome) which make up the shape, with 3 on each arm.



[edit] Structure

The image below is an attempt to draw the tetrahedron shape in 2D and is not to scale.


[edit] Inner and outer cores

The structure has both an Inner Core and an Outer Core. Below, the inner core is shaded in light red, and the outer core is shaded in light blue.


Microwaves are passed through the inner core of the structure. The outer core exists for containment of hydrogen and perhaps water.

[edit] Spheres

There are 3 different sizes of spheres and there are 3 spheres in each category of size.

S1 refers to the 3 smallest spheres at the top of the structure.

S2 refers to the 3 medium size spheres,

S3 refers to the largest spheres at the bottom.

A sphere set refers to a set of 3 spheres (1 of each size) which run down an edge of the structure. When seen in the formations, a Sphere Set while only shown once, generally represents all 3 sphere sets in the actual physical structure.

The size ratio between the 3 sphere sizes appears to be roughly 1 (S1), 2 (S2), and 6 (S3). The largest spheres go at the bottom of the structure.

[edit] Example

An example formation here shows us where the microwaves travel through the Large Tetrahedron Structure. It also provides additional information about the structure itself.


The Watersphere, Sphere Z, and the U Dome are also visible elements in this formation.

Below, the object highlighted in the yellow square is the Watersphere. This object exists at the very center of the Large Tetrahedron Structure. If you look closely, you will notice half of a circle (in the white square below). The other half of this circle appears to be hidden behind the 'pipe'. This tells us that the object (the Watersphere) is 'behind', or not in the same sequence as the other objects (not in line with S1, S2, S3, etc).


The next image compares the formation directly to the Large Tetrahedron Structure.


For more detail on this formation, see the Tetrahedron Arm.

[edit] In the formations

Below is a 1024 foot formation from 1999.


If we zoom in to the 'beginning' of this extremely long formation, we can identify the three spheres - a sphere set.


The importance of the tetrahedron form is shown in the Barbury Castle Tetrahedron.


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