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Lower Watersphere Interaction

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[edit] Overview

The Lower Watersphere Interaction is the name given to what looks like an interaction between the area of Magnetic Ring 3, the bottom of [[Layer 3|Layer 3 of the Watersphere and the Electrical Structures. It is unknown if these objects are physically connected in this interaction.

This connection is defined as Connection 4 in Watersphere Connections

A lot of the time an interaction is only shown once in a formation, even though the interaction may be three-fold. Also see Electrical Structure Interactions.

The idea is that the Watersphere exist above the Electrical Structures, and the interaction between them is three-fold.



[edit] Examples

The three-fold interaction from the Watersphere is shown here as three circles next to one half of the Watersphere.


Below, the Lower Watersphere Interaction is shown. Note below that the Watersphere is basically defined twice. The center Watersphere is symbolic of the position of the Watersphere as it sits centered above the Electrical Structures, while the other is drawn to show the Lower Watersphere Interaction as it interacts with the Electrical Structures.


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