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Magnetic Rings

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[edit] Overview

The magnetic rings rotate around the outside center of the Octahedron. They are an important part of the Watersphere. Also read More on the Magnetic Rings. These are more complex than the simple images displayed on this page, read the contents on the Main Page under the topic 'Magnetic Rings' to learn about more aspects.

These rings are involved in a system much more complex than just magnets, however they do show a primary magnetic aspect, which is how they got their name.


Here, there are three circular arrangements of magnetics (and probably more) which rotate around the meeting bases of the halves of the Octahedron. We will see a diagram in a moment.

Here is an example from the crop circles. These two circles were found at the same time.


Above right, (marked as B), we can see the pyramid in the watersphere, which is the Octahedron. On the left (A), this same object is represented by an 8 fold shape to indicate the double pyramid. (all genuine formations which show this eight fold square geometry are in fact representing the Octahedron). In this case, three rings are surrounding the object (A). These represent systems which are shown to rotate around the center of the Octahedron.

These three next formations below (B, C, and D) in 2001 created within a two day period can be linked together to give us some more information to work with.


Above, formation B is obvious, simply the three rings. Formation D is more helpful in that it shows us the rotation, and to make it more obvious it also shows the same scale of size as the rings in A. Formation D is important in the it shows us each of the three rings is divide into three rotating parts. (This and other formations representing the magnetic rings can easily be confused with the spheres of the Large Tetrahedron Structure)

Below, formations C is enlarged. The three rings of magnets are represented differently here, and are marked 1, 2, and 3.


The object above with the number 4, simply shows a ring magnet is 'pushed' away from the other magnetics (in the object marked '4', notice how the ring is against the back of the circle it is in). This looks like it implies magnetic repulsion.

This design suggests that the three magnetic rings rotate within each other. Below, The green rings represent the 3 rotating magnetic rings (MR1, MR2, and MR3) around the pyramid. Image:birdock.gif Here is a birds eye view:


 It can be confusing to seperate the magnetic rings
 and the spheres of the large tetrhaedron structure
 when first learning to read the crop circles.

Also remember that these magnetic rings have been shown to us in three-fold geometry. This is important, just like the six-fold nature of the Electrical Structures.


First of all, formation A above shows us some that Hydrogen is present around the magnetic rings (note the two hydrogen dots), and furthermore, we cannot ignore the detail that there is a gap (squared in orange above) going through all the magnetic rings, suggesting Hydrogen immerses this area, and comes from the center of the obect, Layer 1, the location of the Octahedron.

(The magnetic rings appear to move around in pools of hydrogen, I wonder what technical reason there might be for this.)

Let's add this to our diagram, keeping in mind that the other half of the Octahedron / Pyramid is hidden behind the top half.


 Created one day apart, the following formations likely relate to each other.
 The one on the right below indicates that there may be some kind of wiring
 associated with each level of magnetic rings.

The following formation, found on the 26th of July 2002 (4 days after the formations in box above) should not be confused with the spheres of the Large Tetrahedron Structure. This is covered more on More on the Magnetic Rings.


This formation shows a basic cross section of the levels of the Watersphere.


Look closely and we can realize that this formation is more helpful than it appears: the standing crop, and the width of it, gives away the fact that the magnetic rings are here. This has been marked in below.

We can see the Octahedron has another spherical area inside of it. Below, inside the pyramid is marked A, and inside the inner sphere of the pyramid is marked B.



[edit] Lots of examples



(Above, areas enclosed in red are symbolically connected)
















[edit] Related experiment?

Part of the concept behind the working of the magnetic rings may have a connection to experiments done by Joe Parr which was claimed to result in the loss of weight. We will now examine the experiment briefly, a link is provided which contains more details.

The 'Gravity Wheel', designed by Joe Parr, features magnets which rotate around 2 dimensional copper pyramids (triangles).


 You should read about this experiment here (click the link and scroll down):
 Still more details are available in Dan Davidson's book, 'Shape Power'.

The interaction between the magnets and the pyramid shapes in the gravity wheel created fields which, according to Joe Parr and Dan Davidson, appeared to block the effects of gravity to a varying degree (the device lost weight), as well as blocking other kinds of radiation.

It was determined that the optimal position between the magnets and the pyramids or triangles is when the base of the pyramid crosses the center of the magnet. See the image below.


This same type of positioning is found in the Magnetic Rings and their relationship to the Octahedron in the Watersphere. (Below is a symbolic view only)


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