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Microwaves in the Watersphere

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[edit] Overview

Microwaves are shown in Layer 3 of the Watersphere. It is highly likely that they are used as a catalyst for Hydrogen and Oxygen to turn back into Water at this point. Also see Watersphere Process in 1995. It also appears that these Microwaves originate from inside the Octahedron, moving outwards over the Magnetic Rings, see Magnetic Rings and Microwaves.

It is important to note that in each case the Microwaves are not shown in the complete circumference of Layer 3 of the Watersphere, but only in half of it, which does appear to be the top half.

[edit] Examples


In the next 4 images, notice the multiple circles associated with the Microwaves in each case.






The specifics of the following formation are unknown, but it does appear to be a different view of the same Microwaves inside the Watersphere.


[edit] References

 From Secrets in the Fields (page 38) (Freddy Silva)
 [in reference to the image below]... "in this formation the lay of
 the crop in the outer ring transformed from a linear flow to an
 unusual sine wave.
 From Secrets in the Fields (same page, 38) (Freddy Silva)
 Colin Andrews' description of the formation below:
 "The surface swirl was anti-clockwise and towards the center,
 which is in itself unusual. Most circles start at the center and
 move outwards towards the periphery, with the plants lyring together.
 This one had a top and bottom layer of plants, flowing in multiple
 directions. The surface plants had a brushed effect and consisted
 of a thin outer band which flowed to the periphery; at the band's
 inner edge, the plants diverged toward the center and flowed inwards
 toward a perfect center point. The point where the plants diverged,
 one towards the center, the otehr towards the periphery, formed a
 ten degree angle. When lifting up the surface plants I found two
 sine waves, 180 degrees out of phase and each emerging from the
 peak of a single sine wave around the outer band.
 (Andrews and Delgado 1990)"

[edit] Also see


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