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More on the Magnetic Rings

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First see: Magnetic Rings



[edit] Part 1

Below shows a side view of the basic inner Watersphere.


Names to the different 'layers' of the watersphere. Layer 1 (marked L1) will be the center, moving outwards through Layer 2 and Layer 3.


In this formation, Layer 1 represents the place where the Octahedron exists. This is the core of the crop circle ship. The octahedron shape has been drawn in below, into our side view.


This place, Layer 1 is often shown independantly in the formations as a large circle with a square in. The square represents a top view of the Octahedron itself. Remember that the 'square in circle' formations, like the image below, do not represent the entire Watersphere, but only Layer 1 as indicated above.


This means that Layer 2 and Layer 3 are external to the Octahedron - they surround it as a spherical layer.

We can identify Layer 3 of the Watersphere in both the formations below:


Important: Above, the formation on the left is a top view, and the formation on the right is a side view.

The image below further shows us how these designs connect to each other.

Below, the formation on the left features the Magnetic Rings and slots into the position of where the yellow line has been drawn in the formation on the right. (Remember the yellow line is a side view, while the formation on the left is a top view.)


[edit] Part 2

There are significant differences between the top half and the bottom half of the Watersphere.

This formation shows a side view of the Watersphere with the focus on the Magnetic Rings.


Here is one particular top view of the Magnetic Rings.


In the side view we can identify the same idea of the Magnetic Rings.


These side views can be compared.


One week after the formation above (left) was found, so was this similar one:


Although the others were side views, this one is a top view.

 We are looking at a top view of the bottom half of the watersphere.
 The bottom half!

The bottom half of this...


...is reflected in this:


Take a good look and compare the points marked A, B, and C (keep in mind the side view/top view difference):


The important differenceis the area, marked D, does not appear in the formation on the right, it only appears in the top view formation:


These are matching areas:


The remaining areas in red below can then shown to be related.




[edit] Part 3

This symbol (below, right) shows the relevance to the bottom half of the external Layer 3 of the Watersphere.


Let's have a look at this symbol in the orange circle below.


We can see it is half of the ancient yin yang symbol.


We have a large crop circle with this same symbol. This formation is divided in halves, whereby one half is primarily flattened crop with this symbol visible.

(symbolic side view)


We already know that the formation on the right is the bottom half of the Watersphere, now we have yet another design which can link us to new information. Symbolically speaking, the areas marked in orange below are the same:


These 3 formations were created within a 2 day period. This is an important fact as we are about to directly relate them to each other.

Notice the half yin yang symbols all over formations B and C.



Below, it is made clear that there is an association between each of the 3 Magnetic Rings, MR1, MR2, and MR3, with the 3 yin yang symbols.


The formation below shows us that the elements involved move from the first magnetic ring MR1, through the second, and the third, and finally join up into the same reservoir of Hydrogen, which is the bottom of Layer 3.


Remember that the reservoir we are talking about is Layer 3 of the Watersphere.


This also confirms the use of the half yin yang symbol representing layer 3 of the watersphere.


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