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Particle Deflection

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Charged particles, possibly Electrons, are shown to be deflected in a certain way up the sides of the Octahedron, instead of being allowed to randomly wander. This action is associated with the Microwaves which enter the Octahedron.

A particular formation in 2004 was created over two seperate nights. It has been created over a certain period of time to help us understand the difference between Water and Microwaves as they appear in the design.

After the first night, only the Water is shown.



After the second night, the straight lines which are recognizable as Microwaves are added - along with some strange symbols around the outside of the formation. It shows both Water and Microwaves entering inside the Octahedron, and it is the Microwaves that are shown to be related to the outer symbols.


It is interesting that in normal Pyramid Power the effect is strongest when the shape is aligned on a north/south axis, meaning that a flat side, not a corner, is facing north.

Magnetism, or magnets, are used to repel these electrically charged particles, up the sides of the octahedron. We want to be able to control these particles, and we can with magnetism. The impressive formation below (on the left) shows this idea. There is also a doubling effect in this formation which makes is eight fold geometry, instead of a single square (this is done because it is a double pyramid (creating the Octahedron, the circle makers have a habit of overlaying things, to show us the process occurs in both halves of the Octahedron. And in the formation on the right, still below, we can see how the curly symbols along the outer edge of the formation match up with the pyramid sides.


A formation from 2005 is the best example of the four internal pyramid magnets which guide these particles.


Found on the same day, the following are an exciting match. The magnets in one - and a large version of the pyramid symbol as it has already been shown - the Octahedron, in the other.


As we see above in A, there is a large magnet at each corner of the pyramid to push negative particles away from the corners and up the flat sides of the pyramid. Remember, these magnets go on the inside of both halves of the pyramid. In circle A, think of the standing crop (green) being the negative pole of the magnet, and the flattened crop (white) being the positive pole.

The following image (from the Partical Adventure Website) is a real photo from a Bubble Chamber, which is a contraption that allows us see the trail of charged particles as they moev through and interact with other charged particles. The clearest example of an interaction is shown in pink below. This is a charged particle which has been deflected by a magnetic field.


We find this exact symbol in early May of 2004, confirming the idea of using a magnetic field to interact with charged particles.


This formation also shows the two pipes leading into the area (on the right side). We can finally connect the symbolism by comparing the following three formations.


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