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[edit] Overview

In the late 80's and very early 90's were a series of crop circles, often featuring celtic cross types of designs with various grapeshot. Some of these also included various connecting lines of seemingly strange arrangements between the satellites of the formation.

These contain useful technical information, and are related to the Watersphere, see below.

[edit] Likely explanation

See Electron Orbitals to learn about what these formations may represent, also see the direct connections to the Watersphere below.

[edit] Watersphere connection

The connection between these designs and the Watersphere is confirmed here. (...confirmed by the double-ringed Watersphere symbol being placed in the same formation as a satellite design.)


I further expect that the meaning is related to a process which occurs inside the Octahedron.

Below, notice how the circle, X, is smaller than Layer 1 of the Watersphere.


This likely indicates that the satellite formations are relevant to A, below, and not B.


A represents the Inner Pyramid Core.

[edit] Watersphere connection 2

Below, the elements involved are shown by the green arrows. Both of these formations appeared in July, 1990.

In this satellite formation, the elements are modified in the way, whatever is implied by the satellites themselves. (Electron Orbitals?). In the other formation below on the right, these elements come out from Layer 3 of the Watersphere. This idea fits the model of the Watersphere, also see Watersphere Process in 1995.


[edit] Examples

The satellite design is also found at the center of Alton Barnes 1024, click here to see.

Image:sat01.gif Image:sat02.gif

Image:sat03.gif Image:sat04.gif

Image:sat05.gif Image:sat06.gif

Image:sat08.gif Image:sat09.gif

Image:sat10.gif Image:sat11.gif

Image:sat12.gif Image:sat13.gif

[edit] Clues in the fields

Both of the cases below provide technical clues. Of interest is that in both, three of the satellite circles are similar to each other, while one is left different.

 From Secrets in the Fields (Freddy Silva), Page 8
 "At Goodworth Clatford, another quintuplet had three of its
 satellites connected through their centers by the thinnest of
 orbital rings, but, in a twise on the design theme, the plants
 along the ring weren't laid down as usual: they were bent,
 bowed over so that their heads touched the ground."
 From Secrets in the Fields (Freddy Silva), Page 11
 "In one memorable incident, the night after local Wiltshire
 police were flooded with reports of UFO sightings, a large
 quintuplet formation appeared at Upton Scudamore bearing
 remarkable anticlockwise S-shaped swirl in three of
 the satellites but reversed in the fourth."

[edit] Additional formations

Additional and possibly related formations can be found in the Crop Circle Archive, see the years between 1985 and 1990.




Below, could this be another clue? Notice how one of the satellites is connected to the tram lines.


[edit] See also

Satellites and Pyramids

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