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Satellites and Pyramids

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[edit] Intro

The 2005 formation below indicates both halves of the pyramid, resulting in the Octahedron.

1 represents half, while the parts marked 2 represent the other half. Use your imagination. Notice how the length of the parts 2 match the length of the parts in 1.


This means that the Eye, which looks like Image:sap02.gif (circled below) are the result of both of these halves.

Image:sap03.gif Image:sap04.gif

The following two formations were both found on the 22nd of June 2005. It appears to show the connection between the Eye shapes and magnetism.


Connecting the above two formations could leave us with impression that the Eye shapes are somehow (at least in a major part) a result of controlling the certain charged subatomic particles through carefully placed magnetic fields.

What we find in very early 2004 is a great confirmation of this idea.


The symbol X above represents particles with opposite charges being bent by a magnetic field.

For comparison, a photo from a Bubble Chamber (a device which allows you to see ion trails left behind by charged particles as they move through) shows the same type of thing, charged particles interacting with magnetic fields.


Learn more about particles



The Eye also appeared in the following 2005 formations, providing clues.

[edit] Eye 1



See Termination Shock

From The Matrix is a Reality' by David Wilcock


Heliophysicists have discovered that the Sun has an "octopolar" magnetic field. Such a field maps out all the coordinate points for an octahedron, which looks like two Egyptian pyramids connected base-to-base. There are four evenly-spaced points along the equator of the Sun that are known to emit showers of charged energy "particles" like a slowly-rotating lawn sprinkler.

Four times each month, the Earth passes through another wave of these particles, which are either positively or negatively charged. If you connect the dots between the four points of this energetic emergence along the Sun's equator and its north and south pole, the octahedron becomes apparent: and we can see there is energy streaming out of all of its points.


[edit] Eye 2


The formation below shows that the Eye symbols are related to the Satellites.

Image:sap09.gif Image:sap12.gif


[edit] Eye 3

Usefulness unknown, although the center circle certainly looks like the Inner Pyramid Core.


[edit] Another possibility

A consideration, also see Hydrogen Pools.


[edit] See also

Termination Shock



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