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Water Separation

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[edit] Overview

Water enters the Octahedron and is separated into the elements Hydrogen and Oxygen, as a result of the combined forces (the Large Tetrahedron Structure, Octahedron, Microwaves, and perhaps others).

After separating, the Hydrogen moves outwards through the Magnetic Rings, while possibly immersing the Hydrogen Pools.

Later on in a more external layer of the Watersphere, the Hydrogen is joined back with Oxygen once again to form Water, where we see the depiction of Water is different to what it was when it first entered. See the Watersphere Process in 1995.

[edit] Formations

Below, two streams of Microwaves and Water are showing entering the Octahedron. It is uncertain if this process occurs inside the Inner Pyramid Core or just inside the general area of the Octahedron itself.


A formation just a few days later shows the separation process of elements Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water. A pattern in the formation below is also present in a design by Nikola Romanski. Note that the square design below is also a clear representation of the Octahedron.


[edit] Additional formations

A reason that Water may so effectively split into its elements Hydrogen and Water is the placement of the Watersphere at the center of the Large Tetrahedron Structure.

See Molecular Disintegration by John Keely.

This can explain the 3, 6, 9 geometry of certain formations which relate to the Watersphere and the Octahedron.



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