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The Watersphere is a complex structure created from many componenets. Its position is in the exact center of the Large Tetrahedron Structure, and it is the core of the crop circle ship.

Note: Due to its evolving complexity, this page only deals with a basic description of the Watersphere.

A common symbol for the watersphere is a solid circle with two surrounding rings.




[edit] Position

The Barbury Castle Tetrahedron shows us the position of the Watersphere is in the center of the Large Tetrahedron Structure.


[edit] Purpose

The Watersphere provides power to the crop circle ship. It appears there are several ways this could be done, including the following:

  • A super efficient Water Seperation process is expected to occur in the Watersphere as a result of the focused energy forms (primarily the Large Tetrahedron Structure, Octahedron, and the Electrical Structures). Water needs to break down into hydrogen and oxygen very efficiently, after which the elements recombine again to form water. This is a repeating process which may provde power to the crop circle ship.

The Watersphere also appears to change Hydrogen atoms, perhaps at a quantum level. As the exact science has not been determined, arriving at an accurate conclusion remains difficult.

It is likely that there are also additional reasons for the Watersphere. There are examined elsewhere.

[edit] How to identify

The watersphere takes many forms, depending on the time period of its creation, and what aspect and layer is being depicted. In the 1990s, the Watersphere generally took on the form of a solid circle surrounded by two rings.


There are three layers.


Often, only certain layers of the Watersphere are visible at a time. Although confusing at first, this is a great benefit to understand. In total, the Watersphere is a Sphere, divided into both a bottom half and a top half.


In more recent times, we have seen Layer 1 of the Watersphere being shown as a large square in a circle. This design represents the Octahedron at the core of the Watersphere. This type of design does not represent the Watersphere as a whole, only Layer 1


Many additional types of formations exist which show the Watersphere in one aspect of another, and they are logically difficult to arrange.

[edit] Connection

The main connection from the Large Tetrahedron Structure to the Watersphere exists from the second level of spheres on the Large Tetrahedron Structure.

Several examples showing the connection between the Watersphere, or Watersphere related processes, and the Large Tetrahedron Structure are shown below.





The Result:


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