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Watersphere Process in 1995

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[edit] Intro

This process shows how Water, and Hydrogen, are changed inside the Watersphere.

July 1995 saw a formation of an overview of the Watersphere. This formation changed at least once after its initial creation, providing us with additional clues.


[edit] The stages


Above: In the early stage, the W is shown as standard Water. This state of Water can be considered how it is before it goes through the process of the Watersphere, while the Water shown in the final design, also marked as W, has an EXTRA RING!. This new state or design of Water is how it appears once it has been through a process of the Watersphere.

[edit] Confirmation!


The formation above (1999) shows the exact same process - Water, without any doubt, is different going into the Watersphere than what it is when it comes out. One possibility is that eletrons are changed at a quantum level, perhaps the electrons in the Hydrogen are changed (while they are INSIDE the Octahedron, inside the Inner Pyramid Core, so they are not at their lowest energy level. (Perhaps the quantum number N, becomes locked in to a position greater than 1?) See Electron Orbitals to learn more.

[edit] More images


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